« ...This music composed by Elbaz comes from an equally great knowledge of tradition calling upon the oriental maqams,the rhythms of Maghreb to Arab-Andalusia music and to a deep sense of as much islamic and hebrew hymnology. There emerges from this work great emotion, a just holding back which contributes and intensifies the efficiency and direct impact. Song and music unite a convincing sobriety and strength. As the title indicates, the song is indeed alive. It is not a rigid approach but a contemporary creation. »



« ...A dialogue of cultures in a melting-pot spirit of hebrew, muslim and christian from the Golden Age of Andalusia. Between the sacred and the secular song with lute, violin, zither and drums, Simon Elbaz continually enriches not without humour the ancient heritage of which he is the ingenious keeper. »

Le Monde de la Musique


« ...Faithful keeper of a millenial heritage which he continually enriches, Simon Elbaz devotes himself in Matrouz to that subtile art of embroidered poetry where the please of love are turned into universal prayer. »



« ...Keeping in mind the jewish, muslim cantillation of his childhood, today Simon Elbaz is reneving the genre whith his oûd, mixing rhythms and languages arabic and hebrew but also french, spanish and latin, medieval song is never far away. »



The Matrouz of Simon Elbaz
« ...These are happy novations which open simultaneously, to the listener, the space of quality of the music notably, the languages of hebreu, arabic, spanish, latin and french; all the better to make a trip to the rainbow of melodic colours. »



Three Cultures
« ...Simon Elbaz has adapted to suit himself that Tradition Judeo-arab in its double authenticity, sacred and secular. He is the first to broaden this field of listening and to open it to a universal absolute. Carried by a deep humanism, Simon Elbaz succeeds by dint of perseverance a harmonious marriage of the three cultures jewish, muslim and christian. »



« ...One cannot help but find happy charm in this record, beginning with its sincerity, its honesty and a kind of austerity which have undertakings desired by righteous souls.»



Weaving of languages, mixing of cultures
« ...Simon Elbaz sings in arabic, hebrew, latin in the way of Matrouz, a millenial heritage which is enriched by the variety of cultures. An invitation to understanding the other and to a mutual respect. A meeting of tongues to bring mankind togather.»

Nouvelle cité


«...Singer and player of oûd, simon Elbaz has tried several styles before devoting himself to the skilful musical weaving of the reconcilation judeo-christian-arab, he has spread this particular construction to languages other than the original hebrew and arab.»

Le Monde


From tradition to creation
« ...Bringing Matrouz on to the front of stage, Simon Elbaz nourishes from his ancestral roots the buds still to bloom. His profound song coming from afar, echoes to the impressions gleaned here and ther from his morocan childhood. Besides hebrew, arabic and judeo-arabic weaves in and out french, spanish and latin. This coming togather of tongues and musics harmonizes like a prelude to another reconciliation, that of communities and people; to a dialogue of cultures which has one and the same source, the bible. But sacred or secular, the chant is always sober, carried by a voice which is subtle, sensitive, rich in modulation, a slight quivering in vibratos. Accompanied by a lute, it is the continuing of medieval tradition... »

La marseillaise du Vaucluse


Embroidered music
« ...But if he lets his memory take over and is inspired by his hebrew inheritance, he is also working towards creation and an opening up: he sews a musical embroidery, which remains above all emotion, using the threads of many tongues, judeo-spanish, berber, latin and french. »

Actualité juive


«...For a long time Simon Elbaz has been interested in that ancestral tradition which he enriches with present day notes, combining past and present in the language of tolerance. »

Trad Magazine