An original and majestic rendering of the «Cantique des Cantiques»...
« ...Another facet of Simon Elbaz uniting Theatre, Story-Telling, Halqa (theatre in circle held in a public square). A grand finale - at the same time festive and full of emotion, with the help of Florence Capo and Rachid Brahim-Djelloul, this majestic and original rendering of the «Song of Songs » in hebrew, arabic,and french made the pause sign of these representations. »



« ...Simon Elbaz is a man of extreme sensivity, doubled with a great humanism. He has vowed his existence to music, that which oscillates between sacred and secular, which comes from his origins and borrows from different cultures. His harmonies are inspired from Matrouz, work pluri-cultutral judeo-islamo-christian from the glorious period of al-Andalus. A real ecumenical call which wishes to be an opening between peoples with a view to universality, the Matrouz, poetic creation generaly declaimed one verse in hebrew, one in arabic, has found in Simon Elbaz its harmonic complement. In combining words, dance steps and notes, the musician has oversized the message and opened to new interpretations a text already rich and generous . »

Potins de Scène - Nice


« ...Billed in the "cadre officiel des manifestations de l’année du Maroc" in France, this evening will be made up songs, acting, dancing, concerts around the comedian, author-composer Simon Elbaz, mixture and marriage of cultures, at the interior of the same work. Simon Elbaz has chosen to adapt the process of Matrouz to the stage, to music and to all forms of creation, playing on the differences. The music of Simon Elbaz takes us to the orient intermingling in his songs hebrew, arabic and spanish languages. It is the living song of crossed tongues. »

La semaine des spectacles - Côte d'Azur


The year of Morocco at Nice
« ...The City Theatre brings you for its second edition of Music in May, the Night of Matrouz. The public will discover plays, oriental and spanish dances and also Tales and short stories from Morocco and elsewhere. An evening at the crossing of alive oral tradition, at the frontier between sacred and secular, where conviviality will be in place. »

L'Officiel des Loisirs - Côte d'Azur


The Night of Matrouz at the City Theatre
« ...An exceptional evening tomorrow Saturday at the City Theatre with the Living Song of the Intertwinning Languages judeo-arab-spanish. Simon Elbaz comedian, author, composer will orchestrade this Night of Matrouz, which from 9 p.m. till dawn will offer us a show original, poetic, touching. Matrouz means literally the art of embroidery. Simon Elbaz adapts this procedure to the stage and to a musical score. The result is an offering to the dialogue of cultures. »

Nice Matin