Le Cantique des Cantiques

L'Amour Poème en Errance


La Légende de Cerf Berr de Medelsheim


Le Cantique des Cantiques (Text, Lute, Violin)
The Song of Songs, the poem of poems, each evokes a dimension of love in an ascent towards union. The poems are spoken in french (the prdominant language), hebrew and arabic accompanied by music: becoming more meaningful by the Matrouz songs which are associated to them.

L'Amour Poème en Errance (Text, Lute, Violin)
Voices cutting into one another voice to voice numerous voices. The score is built up aroud the theme of love sung by cotemporary poets as well as by the other poets of the judeo-arabo-andalusia epoch, and that of the Troubadours. Most of the poems are in french, others in a mixture (hebrew, arabic, judeo-spanish) and are accompanied by music and matrouz songs; thewhole evolving to a score poetic and musical of the «rove poem of restless wandering »

Offrande (Text, Lute, Drums)
The beggar, the jester and the donkey at Boujaad. Tales and songs about the village and its familiar characters.

La Légende de Cerf Berr de Medelsheim (Story, Lute, Soundtrack)
A lyrical historical story which tells in music the adventurous life and unjust death of Cerf Berr(1725-1793). A tribute to that architect of the narrowing of the gap between the ashkenaze and sepharade, to that revolutionary who fought so much for the rights of man, the attainment of french citizenship for the jews of France. Fiction but drawn from historical documents supported by the sessions of the Assembly devoted to the Jewish Question(26th August 1789 and 27th September 1791).


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